12th September 2022

Britannia leads the way for biscuit wheats on Recommended List

At 104% of controls, the variety is 3% higher yielding than KWS Croft also offering  yield potential better or similar to several of the large market share hard feed wheat varieties, such as 2% over long time market favourite, JB Diego.

Britannia has  performed very well in the second wheat situation with a significant yield figure of 105% – making it the best biscuit wheat in this slot -comparable again to the best feed wheat varieties.

Ron Granger technical arable manager for Limagrain UK, breeders of Britannia, notes that the variety – a  Cassius x Robigus cross – offers growers an excellent agronomic package alongside a robust overall disease resistance profile, which supports this high yield.

“Britannia has maintained its top performance  across several very different seasons  whilst in trials, but most importantly in the challenging conditions of 2014 demonstrated by the variety’s high untreated yield figures  and this comes down to its very good resistance for the key yield robbing diseases in the UK today – yellow rust and septoria tritici,” says Mr Granger.

Britannia is similar in height to Invicta and JB Diego with moderately stiff straw and a ripening maturity similar to Scout and KWS Santiago.

Britannia has consistently performed well  across both in-house testing and official testing for biscuit-making performance, offering a better specific weight over many of the biscuit wheats already listed on the HGCA RL (76.7 kg/hl), combined with a high bushel weight and good protein levels 11.4%.

Ian Foot wheat quality manager for Limagrain has seen the variety perform well over three very diverse years of laboratory trials. “Britannia has consistently stood out for its very high dough extensibility, reminiscent of Claire. This is a key requirement for the Group 3 sector and millers have been very pleased with the variety’s robust performance. “

“Britannia offers a clear improvement in yield potential for biscuit varieties and with its high yields and quality across the UK and in different positions and soil types, Britannia is a biscuit wheat that comfortably fits into the Group 3 sector and will suit most growers looking to supply the additional export, bioethanol and feed markets.”

Agronomic characteristics

  Britannia Invicta KWS Croft JB Diego KWS Santiago
Straw length (cms) 87 88 86 87 85
Ripening (days+ Solstice) +2 +3 +1 0 +2
Lodging (1-9) +PGR 6 8 6 8 7
Resistance to:          
Mildew 6 5 8 6 4
Yellow rust 8 8 8 8 6
Brown rust 5 6 6 5 6
Septoria tritici 6 5 5 5 4
Fusarium (ear) 6 6 6 6 6
Grain quality Biscuit Biscuit Biscuit  Hard feed Hard feed
Specific weight (kg/h) 76.7 74.8 76.1 77.7 74.9
Hagberg falling number (secs) 209


242 217 304 155
Protein (%) 11.4 11.3 11.2 11.1 11.0


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