5th February 2020

Breeders Perspective Q&A

TuYV symptoms in the field in autum_suseceptible cultivar left_resistant cultivar right

Vasilis Gegas, European Portfolio Manager for Oilseed rape answers some key questions on TuYV

What is Turnip Yellows Virus?

Turnip Yellows Virus symptoms in oilseed rape LG Seeds

A TuYV infected plant

Turnip Yellows Virus or TuYV is a virus that belongs to the Luteoviridae family, which includes other common viruses such as barley yellow dwarf, and potato leafroll. TuYV has a wide range of hosts, including crop species (brassica vegetables, pulses etc.) and common weeds (shepherd’s purse, cleaver, thistle etc.)

What are the symptoms of TuYV?

Early in the season, the purpling of the leaves is one of the first indications (pic 1), with more severe infections resulting in dwarfing, reduced branching, leaf area and an early senescence which affect yield and oil content and, in some instances, increases glucosinolate levels.

How is TuYV spread?

TuYV is spread by Myzus persicae (peach-potato aphid).

How widespread is the problem?

Certainly, with the milder winters, high levels of TuYV infection is now common across the UK and Europe.

Can I control the risk of infection with available chemistry?

Control of the TuYV aphid vector is now limited, given the ban of Neonicotinoid seed dressing, and limited availability of foliar chemistry. We also have the additional implication of Pyrethroid resistance in aphid populations. Variation in M. persicae (peach-potato aphid) activity throughout the year and between years, makes prediction of aphid levels and therefore infestation time, very difficult – hence effective crop protection is not straightforward.

Which LG hybrids are resistant to TuYV?

All of Limagrain’s new hybrids such as; AMBASSADORAURELIAARTEMIS, LG ANTIGUA and LG AVIRON, are resistant to TuYV. We consider this trait so important to oilseed rape growers, that it has become a standard feature in all our current and future introductions to the market.

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