12th September 2022

Best barley yields ever!

Mr Papworth is delighted with his 21.3 ha crop of California winter barley which came in at just over 11t/ha, 14.7% moisture and specific weight of 65.7, which was harvested on the 5th July.

Drilled on the 20th September at Sco Ruston near, Coltishall, the crop had established well as it followed beans so had access to good autumn nitrogen, followed through the season with 200kgN/ha and a comprehensive 3 spray programme, he says.

National Results

Results from the AHDB Recommended List and NIAB TAG trials show that the two row winter barley has performed very well across the UK this year to date.

California was launched back in 2013, by breeders Limagrain UK as a high yielding feed barley, well suited for the feed barley growing areas of the UK. It has found favour particularly with livestock farmers in the west due to its straw length (92cm with PGR) and high resistance rating for lodging (8). California produces a bold sample with lower screenings than most feed barleys.

California also has a good disease resistance package with nothing rated below a ‘5’. It has a better resistance rating than KWS Cassia to Rhynchosporium, an important disease in the wetter regions of the UK. California is also resistant to the commonly occurring strains of Barley Yellow Mosaic Virus.

Agronomic and Quality Data

Specific Weight (kg/hl)   68.3


Screenings (%) <2.25mm   (3.1)


Screenings (%) <2.5mm   (9.8)


Height (cm) No PGR   95


Height (cm) With PGR   92


Ripening (days +/- Cassata) -1


Resistance to Lodging   8     8

*All data is from the AHDB Recommended Lists database. See www.cereals.ahdb.org.uk for full dataset. On the 1-9 scales, high figures indicate that the variety shows the character to a high degree.

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