12th September 2022

Are you taking steps to beat the threat of drought?

If lack of water becomes a serious threat on your livestock farm then you will be very pleased if you have a field or two of Drought Buster – a new mixture which has just been launched by Limagrain UK.

This new mixture has been especially designed to withstand the effects of hot, dry weather which can quickly pose a serious threat to grass production. The mixture contains purpose-bred forage tall fescues, Matrix Enhanced® Ryegrass, tetraploid ryegrass and Ensign Plus white clover. The seed (which is packed in 25kg bags) is also treated with Headstart and Integral which helps to promote rapid establishment. Limagrain's Ian Misselbrook takes up the story.

“Tall fescues and Matrix Enhanced Ryegrass recover rapidly in drought conditions and are used effectively on the continent. Drought Buster includes Herbie perennial ryegrass, which is used widely in Spain because of its tolerance to heat and drought, and the deep rooting tetraploid ryegrasses also have a key role to play.”

Mr Misselbrook adds that the inclusion of Ensign Plus white clover blend will help to fill any mid-summer grazing gaps when ryegrasses are less productive.

“We are already experiencing drought conditions in certain parts of the UK but fortunately Drought Buster has been developed to help livestock farmers to weather the consequences of any prolonged water shortages.”

 April 2012

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