12th September 2022

Amplify is an exciting high yielding Group 4 wheat with the potential to meet specifications for several premium markets

However, data collated to date shows that Amplify may also meet the requirement for ukp classification, thereby offering growers an additional outlet for end-market opportunities over the conventional high yielding barn fillers.

According to Les Daubney, cereals product manager for breeders Limagrain, Amplify could become the only recommended Group 4 hard wheat with ukp milling approval.

“This is really exciting news as the option of the pushing for a milling premium on top of high yields gives growers some additional opportunity, particularly when prices can be so unpredictable,” he says.

Early maturing, Amplify is a three way cross between Panorama, which is known for its consistent Group 2 quality, and QPlus which was the first quality bread variety to be added to the RL with WOBM resistance in 2010/11.

Amplify has shown a solid, consistent yield performance over the last two very different seasons and across regions, yielding 105% of controls, which is higher yielding than JB Diego (102%) and on a level with KWS Santiago.

Yield Performance (Source – Candidate varieties / HGCA RL 2015 / 16) – Click on image for high quality image.



Initial tests suggest that the variety meets the requirements for the ukp bread classification, offering export potential as Amplify produces a hard textured feed wheat with good overall physical grain quality.  It has a good Hagberg falling number for its NABIM group 244 and a high specific weight of 77.6kg/hl.

Grain quality (Source – Candidate varieties / HGCA RL 2015/16)

Grain Quality Amplify KWS Santiago JB Diego Gallant
Endosperm Texture Hard Hard Hard Hard
Protein Content (%) 11.6 11.2 11.00 11.7
Hagberg Falling Number 244 159 294 308
Specific Weight (kg/hl) 77.6 74.9 77.8 77


Arable technical manager for Limagrain, Ron Granger, points out that Amplify is backed up by an excellent set of agronomic characteristics and whilst the variety is tall it has inherited the straw stiffness associated with its parents – an important trait for a feed variety if yield potential is to be pushed, especially on the heavier loam soil types.

He notes that it’s early maturity, similar to Solstice, does set it apart from many other recommended feed wheats, and with its WOBM resistance the need for routine pesticide applications is reduced.

Agronomic characteristics (Source – Candidate varieties / HGCA RL 2015/16)

Amplify KWS Santiago JB Diego Invicta
Height (cm) 89 86 88 89
Lodging % Untreated (1) (4) (1) (1)
Lodging % Treated 0 2 0 0
Maturity (+/- Solstice) 0 +1 -1 +3
OWBM Resistance R R


“Amplify has good disease resistance with an 8 for mildew, and a rating of 6for brown rust and the all-important septoria tritici. Yellow rust at a rating of 6 will require monitoring and treating with an appropriate fungicide programme depending on the disease pressure for the season.”

“Data so far suggests the variety may have good potential for the second wheat slot – an attribute arising from the genetics of Panorama which is proven in this slot.”

AMPLIFY Variety Summary

High yielding variety with good grain characteristics and bread making potential

  • High yielding feed wheat with additional export potential
  • Second wheat potential ( Limited data )
  • Very stiff strawed variety
  • Earlier Maturity – The same as Solstice
  • Good disease resistance profile – although yellow rust will require monitoring
  • A robust fungicide programme is advised to fulfil the variety’s full yield potential.
  • A feed wheat with good grain quality attributes
  • A high tillering variety with a later ear development in the spring
  • The variety has resistance to WOBM
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