12th September 2022


LG Monarch has published its 2020 grass mixtures catalogue, ready for the sowing season. Particularly relevant is the recent addition of the top performing Italian ryegrass variety Messina to its Quality Silage mixture.

Available exclusively through Limagrain, Messina is a tetraploid Italian ryegrass with the highest yields in the year of sowing and the first year harvest among other varieties on the recommended UK lists. It also has one of the highest ME yield on the list, reflecting its potential feed value in livestock diets.

Quality Silage also carries the LGAN accreditation, denoting its proven agronomic and feed value characteristics.

LG Monarch has also highlighted other LGAN accredited mixtures in its new catalogue, for grazing, cutting or dual purpose. These include LGAN Intensive Grazing, LGAN Silage and Grazing, LGAN Matrix 40 and LGAN Multigraze.

“The LGAN accreditation helps farmers and growers in selecting mixtures that have a proven performance record in the UK for yield and feed value characteristics,” says Limagrain’s John Spence.

“They have been trialled at our UK Innovation site, alongside other commercially available grass seed mixtures, and have performed well across the board, reflecting their superior growth and nutritional traits.”

Copies of the new LG Monarch catalogue are available to download from https://www.lgseeds.co.uk/crops/grass/agricultural-grass/monarch/

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